Somewhat confused, looking for something,
.. lost, on a detour probably, 
You stumbled in my life and I tied you here.
Smiling and pleased, 
I treasured you like the other half of the sphere
between reverie and dreams, beyond time, across distance,
in that sheen on my lips, like that star in my eyes, 
in my soul, my dear.

I wondered if you were ever true, 
yet, with you alone, to the bleakest place,
 I would have gone
To see that lit up face of yours, at times, I ignored the humiliating pain.

I loved the banter, being daft and inane, Neverland it was where to the moon and back was my affection for thou,
And my name with yours...
uttered in the same breath,
to hear that, I would have tied... 
rubies from the Gul-Mohar  boughs

Then, the kind truth dawned, not a revealation; I knew it all along...
You are wind, you are moon, can't be tied, can't be held, in a place for long..

shards of dreams still prick my eyes... singe my heart,
As I weep bitterly with stifled cries  
O wanderer, you won, 
You are free, so am I.
But reverie or dreams, happiness or smile... 
I now have none.


  1. ....but thankful for those sweet moments that can be cherished for a lifetime and more!

  2. Replies
    1. Pleasure, Celestine. Your presence is reassuring!:)

  3. No doubt separation comes with pain,
    But, the memories remain...

    1. Rightly said, Anita! Always a pleasure to have here, girl! Thank-you! :) :)

  4. We cherish the memories like rose plants. The thorns prick but the flowers are still beautiful... :-)

    1. Right, Mani!Thank-you, girl for being here!:) :)

  5. The way you express Kokila 😘😘.it sound so beautiful..

    1. Glad you felt so girl! Happy to know this dear!

  6. The pain is so real in these words that it is simply beautiful.
    Hello there!

    1. Hey girl! So, you caught me red handed being absent from the blog..Ha ha..
      am too innately sunny to be able to write dark or sad...Don't know from where this came..Glad you liked!:)


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